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This page was last received on December 5th, 2016.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for 4 weeks, and can be re-listed for another 4 weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday


FT277R Yaesu UHF handheld, c/w box, manual, wall wart charger, rubber duck antenna 100.00

DJ195 Alinco VHF handheld, c/w box, manual, wall wart charger, rubber duck antenna 100.00

SM-2 Collins desk mike, good working order, 200.00

255 Turner high impedance desk mike, 35.00

450 Shure dual impedance desk mike 75.00

Turner Plus 3 desk mike, 40.00

2 only black Johnson desk mikes, model uncertain, 40.00 each

M+2 Turner hand mike, c/w box, 25.00

MH1B8 Yaesu hand mike, 50.00

Armaco SWR/PWR meter 5.00

RK60 Turner hand mike, 50.00\

TUG9-D104 Astatic Silver Eagle desk mike 90.00

PLUS Three Turner desk mike 40.00

5 foot by 3 foot oak table, ideal for hamshack 50.00

NA-771 Nagoya extended rubber duck antenna for Baofung handhelds 10.00

Shipping extra, prices negotiable

VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 16/12/04


FT2000 Yaesu, c/w mike, power cord, original box, manual, excellent condition, 1500.00

VE4XT - – 204-795-5892 -16/12/04


IC-t90 Icom tri-band handheld, c/w mike, wall charger, programming cable, AA battery pack, 200.00

VE4STL – Scott – – 16/12/14


FT726R Yaesu  2 meter all mode base transceiver, c/w Piexx tone board, satellite board, standard 2 meter band, 430 and 440 MHz boards, hand held DTMF mike, Mirage 80 watt FM/SSB amplifier, 550.00

VE4XR - – 16/12/04


IC22A Icom crystal controlled 2 meter mobile, c/w mike,

VE4VA – Garry – – 204-795-9508 – 16/11/27



PRO-2055 Radio Shack trunk tracker scanner. c/w box, manual, auto mounting kit, programming software, cable and power supply, 100.00

VE4FX – Steve – – 16/12/11


EMS-54 DTMF mike for DR605T Alinco

VE4VZ – Rolf – – 204-47506505 – 16/11/20


Opening for one ham to join three other hams for a trip to Dayton Hamvention, May 17-22, 2017Split travel and hotel room costs four ways

VE4HAY – Derek – – 204-666-HAMS (ext 4216) – 16/11/27


PS53Kenwood  power supply. Must be in good working order

VE4HE – Gord – – 16/11/27


Tech manual and schematic only for LDG FTL meter for Yaesu FT857 or FT897

VE4PER – Andy – – 16/12/04


VX5R Yaesu handheld in good working order

VE5HLT – Harley - – 306-543-4229 – 16/12/04


Code practise oscillator

Ed -204-942-5456 -16/12/04

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