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This page was last received on June 29th, 2015.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for 4 weeks, and can be re-listed for another 4 weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

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FT747GX Yaesu c/w mike, special mobile mike, manuals, mobile mounting bracket for radio, power cables, etc. Outbacker Perth Plus mobile multiband antenna, 500.00 FIRM

VE4VZ – Rolf – – 204-475-6506 – 15/06/07


IC51 Icom DSTAR dual band handheld, 2 meter/70cm, c/w original box, manual, speaker/mike, cover case, battery and charger, alkaline battery case, 300.00

VA4RWT – Gary - – 204-504-0553 – 15/06/28



Rohn tower, 6 sections, total 52 feet, requires guy wires, on the ground, ready to go

204BA Hygain 20 meter monobander beam antenna, needs front section of boom replaced

10 meter 3 element Yagi beam antenna, brand unknown

Homebrew 3 element 40 meter Yagi

Diawa 2 motor rotator with control box, box has round highlighted map of the world, on front panel, needle points directly at the DX station

Best offer on all this equipment

VE4SP – Frank – – 204-632-4773 (H) or 204-299-7027 (C) – 15/06/14



Half wave wire dipole for 20 meters, c/w HiQ 1:1 balun, 15.00

12 only antenna insulators (ceramic & plastic) 4.00 lot price

50 feet high quality copper stranded antenna wire, new, 5.00

2 only 811A vacuum tubes, 10.00

20 only 6146 tubes (2 missing top cap) plus 6 only 6146B tubes 20.00 lot price

1 only 6X4GT, 1 only 6AX4GT, 1 only 12AT7(ECC81), 1 only 5751, 1 only 5663, 1 only OB2WA, all glass tubes

1 only 6K7, 1 only 6K8, 1 only 6F6, 1 only 6SA7, 1 only 6SG7, 5 only 6SK7, 2 only 6SJ7, 1 only 6H6GT(boxed),

1 only JAN5Y3GTA(boxed), 1only 6LQ6(top cap off) boxed, 1 only 6E5 magic eye tube, 5.00 lot price

VE4YU – Ed – – 204-694-0667 – 15/06/21



Tube checker

1 only D104 Astatic mike

Mike with Collins special 1/4 inch plug

5BF5 tube

6AT6 tube

6DC6 tube

1 set of Bristol screwdrivers

VE4PN – Dave- – 204-482-7461 – 15/06/14


Power cable only for FT101 Yaesu, can be AC or DC

VE4DRK – Dan – 204-297-6755  15/06/21

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