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This page was last received on July 28th, 2014.

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FT101E Yaesu HF transceiver, plastic removed from face, painted, early serial number, c/w extra crystals

FT101E Yaesu HF transceiver, plastic intact, museum piece from VE3CWM, excellent condition, but VFO “chunky”, other than that, radio works as it should, c/w Yaesu stock mike

YC-101 Yaesu digital display, some scratches, one on face and noticeable,

YO-101 Yaesu monitor scope, very good condition, works as it should, no cables

Yaesu Landliner speaker phone patch, speaker works, phone patch has not been used or tested

HFT-1500 antenna tuner, very good condition, cord to illuminate VSWR meter missing

Marconi/Turner mike, wired for Yaesu

3478A Hewlett Packard benchtop multimeter, works, test leads missing,

IT18 Heathkit transistor checker,

875 B&K precision LCR meter, with good 9 volt battery,

810B B&K capacitance meter, c/w test leads and battery

Spare driver and finals for FT101E Yaesu

All manuals for Yaesu available at Fox Tango web site

No boxes

Prefer to sell as a package, serious offers only, e-mail only

VA4JAK – Jake – – 14/07/27


FT857D Yaesu c/w manual, MH36E8J mike, mobile mounting bracket, LDG remote meter,MH59A8J remote operating mike, external speaker, quick program reference sheet, Signallink date interface and cables, manual, lightly used, nice condition, 800.00 certified cheque or cash, shipping extra,

VE4OH – Barry –  - 204-889-0825- 14/07/20


2 only HTX100 Realistic 10 meter transceivers, one operational, one status unknown, 2 mikes, 2 mounting brackets, only 1 power cable, original box, 75.00

A-99 Solarcon vertical antenna, c/w GPK-1 ground plane kit, in original boxes, 17-10 meters, 75.00

VE4XM – Brad – – 204-481-1872 – 14/07/20


TM271 Kenwood 2 meter mobile, 100.00

TH-G71 Kenwood VHF/UHF handheld, c/w AA battery case, 2 batteries (condition unknown), BC18 charger, 100.00

VE4TM – Rod - – 204-801-4225 – 14/07/13


Complete ICOM UHF repeater. 2 mobile IC-F221’s 45 watt mobiles in a fan cooled cabinet with power supply, c/w duplexer and repeater control board. Works excellent, plug and play, 700.00

HT-1550 –XLS Motorola UHF handheld, commercial quality analog, c/w 2 like new batteries, tri-chemistry charger, and programming software/software, can program for buyer, 500.00

VE4RRB – – 204-669-6922 – 14/07/27


KT1 AEA electronic keyer/keyer trainer c/w power supply and manual, 30.00

HF1000LP low pass filter, good for 1 KW, 30.00

Shipping included on all above items

VE7ABC – Graham - - 604-530-1907 - 14/07/20


8201 Termaline Bird 500 watt 50 ohm coaxial resistor RF dummy load, c/w operator’s manual, 220.00

VE4AAZ – Bill – 204-233-2233 – 14/07/06


Heil Pro-Micro single side headset boom mike, c/w HC-6 cartridge 65.00

DLF Versatune 300 tuner 45.00

VE4DN – – 204-389-3182 – 14/07/20


BR2000S Vibroplex Blue Racer bug, jewelled movement, 175.00 shipping anywhere in Canada included

VA5CW – Bill – – 306-569-0104 – 14/07/27


3 only steel desks, good for computer work station or hamshack desk 20.00 each

VE4AG – Gil – – 204-888-2473 – 14/07/27


TH-4 Hygain 4 element 10-15-20 meter beam, pristine condition, manual available on Internet, 200.00 shipping extra

VE4FOX – Graham - – 204-482-7676 – 14/07/27


SRL233 Sinclair vertical antenna, frequency unknown, 100.00

Approximately 80 ft Heliax cable, appears to be half inch, .50 cents per foot

Walter -  - 204 298-2769 – 14/07/27


227 TenTec manual antenna tuner, excellent condition, 75.00

VE4ACE – Gerry – – 14/08/03


No listings


H2V Butternut HF vertical and 160 meter resonator

VE4AMN – Greg - – 204-981-9690 – 14/07/13


Borrow gin pole to install antenna

VE4BDF – Bruce - – 14/07/13


2 only 2 meter magnet mount antennas, can be 5/8 or 1\4 wave

VE4BND – Ray – – 204-348-3764 – 14/07/27


Wall mount only for satellite dish

VE4DRK – Dan – – 204-297-6755 – 14/07/31

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