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This page was last received on February 20th, 2017.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for 4 weeks, and can be re-listed for another 4 weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

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A1015 Mirage old brown front six meter amplifier. Ten to twenty watts in, and one fifty SSB out. 50 to 52 MHz. no bracket or manual, but can be found on line. Works as it should with no problems, no scratches on front, but a couple on fins. Asking 150.00 and you pay shipping, or pickup in Kelowna, BC. Can accept etransfer. Call or e-mail to arrange pickup

IC2100H Icom 2 meter mobile, 50 watts, 100 memories. Includes radio, bracket, mike, (needs cord replaced) power cord and manual, No marks on front panel, unit works as it should. Asking 140.00 plus shipping via parcel post or pickup in Kelowna, BC. Can accept etransfer. Call or e-mail to arrange pickup or shipping

VE7KOJ – Ethann - - 778-484-0884 – 17/01/12


4-310 RF Concepts UHF amplifier, very nice and clean 30 watts in 100 watts out 225.00, shipping extra

VE7REN – Brent – – 250-497-5651 – 17/02/19


VX8G Yaesu dual band APRS capable handheld,

FTM350 Yaesu dual band APRS capable mobile

VE3ADI – Adi - – 17/02/19



80 ft LB self supporting tower, located 50.220809N  97.667325W (near Woodlands, MB), to move, or remain on site, price negotiable

VE4MRT – Marty - – 204-734-8310 - 17/02/12


MC50 Kenwood desk mike 100.00 OBO

PG5H Kenwood PC interface cable kit, consists of 2 cables, 25.00

VE4QK – Dick – – 204-268-1702 – 17/02/19


Bakelite “bathtub” style flameproof code key, as used in WW II RAF and /RCAF bombers, 120.00 or swap for something CW related

VE4AEA – Lloyd - – 204-523-7508 – 17/02/12


DB9 “Y “ connector c/w male pins on the base of the “Y”, and female sockets on each leg of the “Y”

VA4BB – Bruce - – 17/02/19


4 or 6 cavity pass/reject duplexer for 70 cm

VE4DDW – Darcy - – 204-955-0090 – 17/01/22


8 pin round microphone connector for Icom radio

VE4HAY - – 17/02/19


2 only 6K8G tube

VE4DTD – David - – 204-254-0017 – 17/02/19

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