Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on January 22nd, 2018.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

NA701 Nagoya SMA antenna, tested, never used, 7.00
NA771 Nagoya SMA female antenna, tested, never used, 12.00
NA771 Nagoya SMA antenna, tested, never used, 10.00
1/4 wave NMO whip 10.00
1/4 wave NMO whip, c/w spring, 20.00
CP12L 12 volt power cord 20.00
FRS mag mount transceivers, pair 15.00
VE4GWB – – 204-297-2268 – 18/01/07

FT1000MP Mk V Yaesu, c/w FP-29 power supply, both power cables, 4 Inrad filters, plus Inrad  noise module,
All mods and updates done, mint condition, c/w box and manual, plus Nifty mini manual, shared station with FT1000 field, and FTDX5000MP, not used much, clean, no animals, no smoking, 1750.00
PRO230 Rig Experts antenna analyzer, new in box, manuals and disc, never used 450.00
PRO Set Elite 6 Heil headphones, used very little, only with covers, 125.00
DSP-599ZX Timewave audio reduction filter, like new, 250.00
HM10 Heil dual element mike c/w stand, 100.00
Heil Clearspeech DSP speaker, 125.00
26B2 Cushcraft Boomer beam, new in box, c/w manual, 400.00
ANC-4 Timewave antenna noise canceller, 125.00
All in boxes, c/w manuals, all in good working order
VE4HE – Gord – – 18/01/21

51J4 Collins receiver, c/w speaker and manual, working, 350.00
NC100 National receiver, rebuilt, c/w speaker, excellent condition, 275.00
AR77A RCA receiver, c/w speaker and manual, rebuilt, excellent condition, rare 200.00
BC342N army receiver, works, 100.00
SB102 Heathkit HF transceiver, c/w power supply, needs some work, 150.00
SB303 Heathkit ham band receiver, needs some work, 80.00 OBO
T4XC and R4C Drake twins, c/w power supply and manuals, need some work, 400.00
2 KW home brew rack mount amplifier, uses 3CX1500 tube, c/w power supply, 2 KW antenna tuner, rack and manuals, professionally built by VE6RF, 600.00
Double 813 amplifier, 2 KW, c/w power supply, and 2 KW antenna tuner and rack, professionally built by VE6RF, 500.00
2 KW amplifier, double 3-500 Eimac tubes, grounded grid, c/w power supply, SWR metering and rack, 600.00
MN7 Drake antenna tuner, 100.00
HR10 Heathkit monitor scope, working, 100.00
SB604 speaker, 40.00
Larsen 2 meter mobile magmount antenna, 40.00
Hustler mobile HF antenna, c/w 5 bands of antenna coils, and ball mount included, 80.00
TA33r Moseley triband HF beam 100.00
Brand new safe 100.00
Amplifiers for 2 meters and 440 MHz, 1 KW each, c/w power supplies, professionally built by VE6RF, c/w schematics 600.00
Power supply for amplifiers, heavy duty built, 3000 volts and filaments, 100.00
Prices negotiable, moving sale,
VE4AKF – Tony – – 204-807-7277 evenings – 18/01/21

No Listings

No Listings

IC-10 Kenwood kit for TS440. Consists of 2 IC’s 8251A and TC440BP. Allows 4800 baud serial communications via ACC-1 interface on rear panel of TS440 20.00
VE4JIM – Jim – – 204-761-5803 – 18/01/07

Following Radio Amateur Handbooks: 1969 (hardcover), 1975, 1977, 1980, and 1982. All in good shape, $5.00 each
VEHK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 18/01/14

K9000TM Diamond motor drive mount, new in box, 75.00
6071A Fluke synthesized RF signal generator 200 KHz – 1.04 GHz 350.00
Shipping extra on both items
VE4NSA – Stefan – – 204-952-3175 – 18/01/14

377 Eico sine and square wave generator. Possibly from NAIT electronics department. Last inspection sticker 1977, offers
VE4ESE – Dan - – 204-381-4175 – 18/01/14

Coax switch with at least three positions on the back, not on the side, similar to 590 B&W will swap for B&W 5 position coax switch with terminals on the side, or pay cash
VE4PN – Dave – – 204-482-7461 – 18/01/07

FL2100B Yaesu amplifier
VE4RA – Rick – – 17/12/17

220 feet 8214 Belden RG8/U coax cable, single length
120 feet 9913F7  Belden RG8U single length
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 233-2233 – 18/01/07

AF606K Daiwa audio filter
VE4QP – Ron – – 18/01/07

AR88 RCA general coverage receiver
VE4ESE – Don – – 204-381-4175 – 17/12/17

2 only 40 meter traps, preferably KW20 Unidilla
2 only 20 meter trap, preferably KW20 Unidilla
VE4JIM – Jim – – 204-761-5803 – 18/01/14

APRS tracker, Byonics Tiny Tracker or Argent Data Systems
VE4DRK – Dan – – 18/01/14

TV rabbit ears
VE4FX – Steve – – 18/01/14

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