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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for 4 weeks, and can be re-listed for another 4 weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday


TS50 Kenwood c/w hand mike, and manual, no box, nice condition, 400.00

PCS4000 Azden 2 meter mobile, c/w hand mike, original box, manual, mobile mounting bracket, works good, has few scratches, 75.00

IC28H Icom 2 meter mobile, c/w hand mike and manual, does not turn on, for parts or repair 20.00

76CS Garmin, c/w manual, cables, CD and original box, new condition, 200.00

Shipping extra on all items

VE4STU – Stew – – 14/12/07


LA2065R Diawa 2 meter amplifier, SSB/CW/FM 1-7 watts in 60 watts out, works well, no manual, 75.00

PK232 AEA Pakratt TNC, no manual, works, 75.00

c/w RS232 cable

Package price 100.00

VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 14/12/07


IC718 Icom all band HF transceiver, c/w hand mike, 635.00

MFJ949E Deluxe Versa Tuner II c/w meter, antenna switch, 4:1 balun, covers 1.8-30 MHz, 180.00

DM-330MV 12 volt switching power supply, maximum 32 amps, 125.00

All items mint condition, c/w boxes and manuals, used only 3 times

Complete package price 900.00

Locsl sale only, No phone calls please

VE4DAR – David – – 14/12/14


TS940SAT Kenwood, c/w SM220 station monitor with BS8 Panadaptor installed, SP940 speaker with filters, MC60 desk mike, hand mike, all service and operator’s manuals, extra cables and extra parts for TS940SAT 1250.00 OBO

VE4VOS – Ernie - – 204-642-4060 – 14/12/14


IC7000 Icom, HF/VHF/UHF transceiver, c/w separation cable, HM151 hand mike, AT180 matching tuner with cable to attach to radio, and suction cup mount for front panel of radio, original box and manual, 1400.00

VE4XT – – 204-795-5892 – 14/11/23

IC-V82 Icom 2 meter handheld, c/w drop in charger, spare battery, spare AA battery case, box, and manual 95.00
VE4EO – Norm – 204-888-2374 – 14/12/07


IT-100 LDG 100 watt automatic antenna tuner for Icom transceivers, HF + 6 meters, connects to antenna port on IC706 and IC7000 transceivers, c/w cables, brand new, 175.00

VE4HQ – Tom - – 204-224-3903 – 14/12/14


X7 Cushcraft triband Yagi antenna, 10-15-20 meters, c/w optional 40 meter kit, (original Cushcraft, not MFJ), disassembled and ready to go, 700.00 shipping to Winnipeg included

VE4XR – George - – 14/12/07


MFJ929 200 watt automatic antenna tuner, as new, c/w original box and manual, and cable for FT950 Yaesu,  175.00, including 1/2 of shipping or $185.00 with cable, or $10.00 cable alone

VE7ABC – Graham – – 604-530-1907 – 14/12/07


No listings


MFJ931 artificial ground

Current baluns

Feedline ferrite beads

RF chokes,

Radio Works T-4 or T-6 Plus or T-4G Plus line isolator

VE4DXR – Leor - – 204-290-4029 – 14/11/23


1.5 inch OD aluminum mast 6-12 feet long

VE4DRK – Dan – – 204-297-6755 – 14/11/23


Navy knob for hand key

VE4DLA – David – – 14/11/23


FL2000B Yaesu linear amplifier any condition, or state of operation, prefer tech special for parts

VE4BDF – Bruce - – 14/12/07


Some TRC212 or TRC208 or similar 11 meter handhelds, prefer non working, for amateur radio experimentation

VE4GWB – Garth – – 204-297-2268 – 14/12/14


DVS-2 Yaesu digital voice system

SP-5 Yaesu speaker

Will swap for SP-8 plus cash

VE4JBL – Jojo - – 14/12/14

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